lords of p-town

branding for a new radio station.
Branding with sound first before any print support application is developed.


coming soon: a radio station featuring the best of local bands of plymouth with a DIY ethos.


initial research.
branding research.
local research.
podcast research.
business plan.
statement of intent.
conclusion (so far...)


1: Confidently identify and define a body of work that explores concepts, values and appropriate media.

2: Organise & develop the practical knowledge and skills required to progress.

3: Evaluate and situate their own work within a professional context, identifying relevant audiences and markets.

learning outcome one.
learning outcome two.
learning outcome three.

Mutant Lion Massacre are a Plymouth band who describe their music as ‘fight music’. As you can tell they’re pretty heavy, but I thought it was a good example of the variations of genres within the community of local music in Plymouth.